Inn Offices recibe galardón en los Premio Emilio Castelar

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Among the attendees to  the Emilio Castelar Awards was Pedro Navarro, CEO of Inn Offices, who gladly accepted the aforementioned award.

The nerves seemed to warm up as the show began at the hands of the journalist Gema Rodriguez Betrian. The winners were succeeding one by one, among others we highlight for example the long and forceful speech of Antonio Tejada, «An entrepreneur from Granada with disability, who fights every day to make the barriers disappear and we advocate the inclusion of disabled people in the field business. »

Soon after came the words that warned us that it was our turn. Gema Rodríguez, with her sweet but forceful voice said the following:

«Innovation and commitment, words that should accompany any project, but that have to be linked to the clear vision to detect opportunities. This vision that has got clear people like Pedro Navarro, entrepreneur of this city, trained in business in Spain and in France»…

We were invaded again by an emotion that was latent, because we knew how difficult it was to climb onto a stage someone who prefers to work hard, but always from humility and without courage of notoriety …

The award ceremony came from the hand of the jury president: Josu Gómez Barrutia, and after being received the gratitude began, on the part of our CEO, recalling a famous phrase of Winston Churchill: «Some people see private companies as the wolf to knock down, others like the cow that must be milked, but a few are those who see them as a robust horse pulling of the cart. « Brief but eloquent, despite not pretending to be, and came to the thanks to #EquipoINN: «without which none of this would be possible.» [Click HERE to link to the video of the mentioned moment].

Many more happened at the reception of the awards and, among many others, we must highlight the charismatic

Ray Cazorla, CEO and Founder of the HAC Business School at University of New York; promoter of the #New York Summit project, which gives deserved relevance to the Spanish-speaking business sector in the United States of America 

It was also awarded the magazine Feminismo16, which received the award in recognition of the role it is playing, as well as its founder, Manuel Domínguez Moreno, in the defense of equality. The prize was collected by the president of the Editorial Board of Feminismo16, Ana Bella, and Manuel Domínguez himself.

It was his turn some time later, to someone who risked his life to close the era of terrorism in Spain: The former president of the Basque Parliament and secretary general of the PSE-PSOE of Guipúzcoa, Jesús Eguiguren. He delighted us with a serious speech, full of temper and reason, because in times of conflict the most difficult thing is to stay calm. Remembered moments of the past, really bloody, of certain attacks that occurred in the Basque Country itself, but always looking to look to the future without fear and without complexes.

We do not want to end this summary without mentioning the great absentee of the night,Jesús Calleja. Who explained through an emotional video the reasons why he could not attend the meeting on Friday September 28th: he was traveling as he had begun the filming of his new season of the program : «Planeta Calleja», just this week. He claimed to be very flattered by the jury’s decision, and he introduced us to his pets, making the video an endearing and colloquial encounter.


Finally, the great moment of the night took place: the awarding of the Emilio Castelar Prize to the Defense of Liberties and the Progress of the Peoples that fell to the great journalist: Jon Sistiaga. A recognition of his extensive journalistic work. It was really exciting to hear him talk about the satisfaction he felt when he faced a bloodthirsty dictator or a reckless malefactor, and managed to make him lower his guard so that he would put up, without any shame, the misdeeds of which they were proud; without falling into the serious error that they are being filmed and remains for posterity. He also reminded us why he did what he did: for those people whose lives are worth less than the bullet that kills themself, and for a real fighter: his daughter Ibai, 15 years old, who has won the battle against bone cancer.



We recall here the complete list of the Awards and Special Mentions of 2018

Emilio Castelar Award for the Defense of Liberties and Progress of the Peoples: Mr. Jon Sistiaga 

Emilio Castelar Award Category Social Leadership and Commitment to Development: Mr. Ray Cazorla, Founder of the New York Summit Initiative and the New York Awards. Spanish-speaking reference event in the US that gives value to this group.

Special Jury Mention Award Social Leadership Category: Mr. Jesús Lacoste for the promotion through the ICLF Foundation of initiatives for the benefit of society through programs that promote vocations to transform the territories.

Emilio Castelar Award Commitment Category with Justice: In Diem Abogados

Emilio Castelar Award Category Commitment to the Peoples: Initiative FidSahara Festival – Sahara Film School

Emilio Castelar Award Policy Category: Mr. Jesús Eguiguren

Emilio Castelar Award Category Entrepreneurship and Development Commitment: Mr. Patricio Farcuh

Emilio Castelar Award Category Social Action: Mr. Jesús Calleja (Screening of thanks video)

Special Mention Award of the Jury Category Social Action: Occhiena Don Bosco Foundation

Emilio Castelar Award Equality Category: Association Equally

Special Mention Award of the Jury Category Equality: Magazine Feminism 16 and its founder Mr. Manuel Domínguez Moreno

Emilio Castelar Award Category Communication: Canal Sur Program Memory

Special Jury Prize Award Communication Category Prize: Informaria Group

Emilio Castelar Award Environmental Category: Oxygen Foundation

Emilio Castelar Award Category Business Commitment: Association of Entrepreneurs of Spain with Disability and the company GTA Ambiental

Special Mention Award of the Jury Category Business Commitment: Inn Offices

Emilio Castelar Special Jury Prize Edition 2018 as Posthumum: Mrs. Concha Caballero

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